Proven System to Increase Profile Views

Use the right keywords and optimize your profile to improve your ranking in LinkedIn’s search algorithm and increase profile views up to 20X.

Attract Better Job Opportunities

With a supercharged profile you will get found by more of the 300,000 companies and recruiters that use LinkedIn to recruit and hire the best talent.

Convert More Job interviews

Make a great first impression and get your foot in the door for more interviews with a supercharged profile that gives hiring managers and recruiters exactly what they are looking for.

Expert Instruction from a Master LinkedIn Profile Writer

Over 90 minutes of simple, step-by-step instruction. Experience the course as if you were standing over my shoulder. Watch every click as I show you how to supercharge a real LinkedIn profile from start to finish.



"My profile views surged 800% in the first 30 days.”

- Chris D., Director in Wilmington, NC

Designed for Professionals at all Levels

Students, Recent College Graduates, Early-Career, Emerging Leaders, Mid-Level Professionals, Managers, Directors, VPs, SVPs, C-Level Executives, and anyone who wants their LinkedIn profile to stand out.

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I developed this program to the absolute highest quality standards in the industry. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, we will refund your purchase within 7 days.

Don’t get screened out by LinkedIn’s Algorithms

LinkedIn is the world’s most powerful job board. Avoid the most common mistakes I see people make every day. I will show you how to set up your profile so you won’t get screened out by LinkedIn’s search algorithm.


Works with FREE and PAID LinkedIn Accounts

The LinkedIn Supercharge program works whether you pay for a LinkedIn subscription or have a free account. All the instruction applies regardless of the current condition of your profile is or how long it’s been since you last updated it.

Increase Profile Views up to 27X

Optimize nine different profile fields and achieve “All-Star” status, LinkedIn’s highest profile score. According to LinkedIn this can increase views of your profile up to 27X.

Project Your Best Personal Brand

I will show you what to include and what not to include in your profile to project a strong personal brand and magnetize companies and recruiters.

What You Get When You Buy Today!

-Over 90 minutes of simple, step-by-step instruction
-Proven System for Supercharging Your LinkedIn Profile
-15 Things To Do to Now If You are an Active Job Seeker
-10 “Must Dos” If You are a Recent College Graduate
- Little-Known Strategy for Getting Your Headline to Pop
-Proprietary Technique for Writing You LinkedIn Summary
-An Experience that will Reignite Your Job Search
-Insider tips to Improve Your Ranking in LinkedIn Searches
-Easy access; experience the course from anywhere
-7-Day money-back guarantee
- And more…
1. Who is this course for?

LinkedIn Supercharge is for job seekers and professionals at all levels. Students, Recent College Graduates, Early-Career, Emerging Leaders, Mid-Level Professionals, Managers, Directors, VPs, SVPs, C-Level Executives, and anyone who wants their LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd.

2. Do I already need a LinkedIn profile?

You only need to have a LinkedIn account and password. The program will show you step-by-step how to supercharge your profile regardless of its current condition or stage of completion.

3. Will this course work if I only have a FREE account on LinkedIn?

Yes. Everything in this course will apply whether you have a FREE LinkedIn account or are paying for a Premium-level LinkedIn subscription.

4. What if I have questions during the course?

Each video is packed with easy to follow instructions. If you have a question, post it in the Comment section below the video and I will respond to it personally.

5. What if I need more support after I finish the program?

Upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Platinum Edition to get a 30-minute personalized coaching session with David Pinkley.

6. I’m still not sure. Can I preview the course?

Yes. You can preview Video #1 and Video #9 at no cost. These two videos will give you a sample of the program content and a sense of my energy as a teacher.

7. Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. You will be satisfied because I developed this program with the highest quality standards. If you are not happy with it, we will refund your purchase within 7 days.

8. Why not hire a professional writer to write my profile for me?

You certainly can. I do that too. But be careful when you hire one. Most outsource projects to part-time writers who are not trained and do not know how the LinkedIn algorithm works. LinkedIn Supercharge is designed for people who want a great profile at an affordable DIY price.

Hi. I’m David Pinkley. The LinkedIn Sage and creator of the LinkedIn Supercharge

I’ve helped 1,000’s of job seekers find jobs and advance their careers.
As a recruiter, I’ve seen 20,000+ LinkedIn profiles. As a Master LinkedIn profile writer, I’ve written hundreds more.
I’ve been in the trenches of the hiring game for 20 years and I know what companies and recruiters look for on LinkedIn profiles.
I created this program to capture the best of what I've learned so you will stand out.

What you will achieve in this program

Reignite your job search and re-energize your career.
Develop a headline that pops.
Create a Summary that grabs attention.
Achieve All-Star profile strength.
Showcase your most relevant accomplishments.
Watch every click as I supercharge a profile from start to finish.
Optimize keywords to improve your ranking in LinkedIn searches.
Apply the P-R-O-S-P-E-C-T technique your Summary.
Use the Lucky 7 to develop your Experience section.
Finish the course with 100% confidence in your Supercharged LinkedIn profile.
• And much more…